Marvin “Marvelous" Claude

Marvin “Marvelous" Claude

Marvin Claude is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer through American Aerobic Association International/International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA). He began his fitness journey in 2011, when his physician expressed concerns for his health.  However, it became a passion in 2016 when he was recruited as a Pacer for Nike Run Club (NRC) DC. In this role, Marvelous lead and coached hundreds of novice/rookie runners and encouraged them to meet their running goals.  His facultative style helped so many DMV runners that in 2017, he was sought to become a founding Crew Leader for DC Run Crew for “Pace It Easy.” Through his experiences as a former pacer and current crew leader, Marvin has demonstrated a skill for challenging and motivating people to reach their personal fitness goals.

Marvin’s approach to fitness emphasizes age-appropriate programming with specific
focuses given to cardiovascular and strength training, as well as balance and flexibility training.
He establishes long-term client interactions with the goal of integrating exercises and optimal wellness into the demands of daily life. Marvelous has experience in functional training and designing whole body routines to boost confidence and strength. 
When he is not working with clients, Marvin is a God-fearing family man to his wife and two children. Alongside fitness, he is the owner of Fix Your Fly, LLC, an organic and natural facial hair grooming company.

Fitness quote: 
“I don’t care what you can’t do, show me what you can do.”

Fitness Specialty: 
Strength and conditioning coach, weight loss, functional training

Hip Hop enthusiast, “connoisshoeur,” fashion, fitness, networking, American Sign Language